Electro Ceramic products for metalized ceramics, ceramic to metal seal products, power electronic products, metal components, direct copper bond products, glass to metal seals, and specialty plating services
Who We Are

Electro Ceramic Industries has been serving customers globally for over 50 years.

Established in 1970 and with more than 50 employees with a combined manufacturing experience of over 100 years, ECI now supplies more than 50 million parts per year.

Since its inception, ECI has grown to become a leading supplier of microelectronic components for a wide variety of applications. The industries we currently serve include defense, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and automotive.

Our core technology is based on proprietary processes utilizing a variety of ceramics, glasses and metals

ECI offers products and services are extensive and includes metalized ceramics, ceramic to metal seals, glass to metal seals, power electronic products, metal components, direct copper bond products and specialty plating services.


Founding Year

In our time, we've seen it all. We are positive that our electro ceramic products are exactly the solution you need.



Our team is a growing group of 50 dedicated individuals. Our senior level team has a combined manufacturing experience of over 80 years.


Parts Shipped Per Year

Since our founding, ECI has gained a large portfolio of projects so that we can ship over 50 million parts each year.

Our Facility

We strive to build products and design technologies we want for ourselves.

ECI utilizes a range of ceramic and glass materials and packaging technologies along with its substantial equipment base, modern manufacturing techniques and diverse industry experience to provide solutions for your electronic packaging problems. Our engineers and design team work closely with you to develop the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques for your specific requirements.  With years of experience in volume manufacturing, ECI has achieved a high level of product uniformity, yield consistency, remarkably high reliability, and product performance levels well above customer expectations.

Ongoing analysis ensures tight controls and allow for finite adjustments that assure process uniformity for all electroplating operations. Our plating facility utilizes state-of-the-art electroplating equipment, providing a variety of surface finishes. The X-ray fluorescence system verifies thickness of plated metals with great accuracy. To ensure top quality, all products are subjected to rigorous inspection and testing using a variety of precision measurement equipment and statistical process control.

Our manufacturing plant provides a process control system developed for strict compliance with methods as outlined in MIL-STD-105 and ISO 9001:2015. In-process inspection and testing are routinely performed throughout the manufacturing process in conformance with MIL-I-45208.

ECI's Team

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Jasmine Shah


President and Chief Executive Officer of Electro Ceramic Industries and M2 Global Manufacturing Industries, LLC with over 35 years of industrial management experience in different disciplines of the Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Electronic, Defense, Ceramic and Telecommunication Industry. Background includes executive leadership in highly regulated manufacturing industries directing all lean manufacturing aspects of product development, production, supply chain management, sales, and service.

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John Robichaud

Vice President, Technical Services and Quality

Robichaud has an extensive background and broad experience in the electronics industry working in manufacturing, sales and general management for nearly thirty years. Utilizing his knowledge of manufacturing and packaging industries he oversees technical services and quality. His hands on style and belief in teamwork continues to lead to significant improvements within the company. He has been a member of the ECI management team since 2011.

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Nilesh Patel

Vice President, Operations

Nilesh Patel joined ECI in November 2017, bringing over 27 years of manufacturing experience in Operations, IT, Quality Control, and Building and Facility management. In his previous work, Nilesh held the positions of Manager and IT admin of Quality control Laboratory, Director of building and facility management. During this time, he consistently promoted a culture of teamwork, superior customer service, on time deliveries and high quality that resulted in significant growth and profitability. Nilesh graduated from S.P University with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Masters Degree in Physics.

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Bill Dinardo

Director of Business Development

Entrepreneur with over Thirty Five years of experience in the areas of start-up ventures, M&A,sales, marketing, business development, consulting and angel investing. Focused on technology companies in electronic advanced materials packaging, biotechnology, RF and microwave device manufacturing. Dinardo has served in senior management positions where he has directed sales, marketing, engineering/new product development, marketing research and new business development.

ECI's Company Timeline


Electro Ceramic Industries was founded


John Robichaud joins ECI as Vice President of Technical Services


Jasmine Shah purchases ECI and joins as President


Nilesh Patel joins ECI as Vice President of Operations


ECI's production department is upgraded


Bill Dinardo joins ECI as Director of Business Development


ECI acquires Pekay Industries to streamline their services


ECI is granted an International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification


ECI is International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered


ECI expands reach and product expertise by acquiring United Glass to Metal Sealing


ECI further develops product offering and expertise by forming an alliance with sister company M2 Global

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