Metalized Ceramic

Metalized Ceramic is a range of thick film metalized substrates, expertly manufactured to cater to a diverse array of design requirements. This product is specifically crafted for use in Optoelectronic, Power, and Microwave/RF packaging applications.

ECI's Metalized Ceramic is highly customizable to meet specific device footprint needs. The product features thick film metallized thru-hole and wraparound castellations, allowing for leadless surface mountable configurations. This adaptability makes it suitable for various applications including microwave, optoelectronic, and power packages.  Metallization options include Silver (Ag), Molybdenum/Manganese (Mo/Mn), and Tungsten (W). Specialized plating processes include Gold (Au), Nickel (Ni), Gold/Tin (Au/Sn), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), and Tin (Sn).


  • Aluminum Oxide (AL203)
  • Aluminum Nitride (AIN)
  • Beryllium Oxide (BeO)

Thick Film Metallization

  • Molybdenum Manganese
  • Tungsten


  • Single Layer
  • Wrap Arounds
  • .010" Lines and Spaces
  • Thru Hole Metallization

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