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electro ceramic industries process capabilities

Process Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Specialized Plating Processes for Microelectronic Products
  • Molybdenum-Manganese or Tungsten Metallization
  • High Temperature Processes – brazing capabilities including BT and Silver ranging from 780°C to 1000°C
  • Glass-To-Metal-Sealing Match and Compression
  • Design Assistance
  • Dicing
  • Etching and Metal Removal
electro ceramic industries specialized plating processes for microelectronic components

Specialized Plating Processes for Microelectronic Products

Processes include Au, Ag, Ni, Cu, Sn and Au/Sn alloy. ​ECI has developed plating processes to meet the high reliability requirements of our customers and the microelectronics industry. We are one of the few who plate Au/Sn as an alloy.

electro ceramic industries high temperature processes

High Temperature Processes

Refractory Metallization is offered using a proprietary formulation of Molybdenum/Manganese or Tungsten paste, patterns are screened onto the BeO, Al2O3 or AlN, and high temperature fired.

Using custom developed profiles with furnaces that utilize controlled temperature and atmosphere, ECI has a wide assortment of alloys, brazing leads, tubes and pins of needed metals to ceramic substrate configurations are standard.

electro ceramic industries design assistance

Design Assistance

With over 100 years of experience on staff, ECI can discuss your requirements, manufacture prototypes, and full production. Our staff has the technical competence to assist and make suggestions to increase manufacturing efficiency thereby saving cost to our customers.

electro ceramic industries etching, dicing, and laser processing services

Etching, Dicing and Laser Processing

Using highly qualified and proven vendors, ECI utilizes high precision laser processing, dicing. and photo etching to manufacture sub-components used in our assembly operations to produce high quality products.

Instruments & Equipment

A few of our tools we have to build and test your products.

  • Metalizing and Braze Furnaces and Kilns
  • Wide Area 3D Measurement System
  • 3D Optical Profilometer and 200X Measurement System
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Unit
Electro Ceramic Industries Materials

Material Properties

View our technical data sheets for Direct Bond Copper, Kovar, Copper, Molybdenum, AlN, Alumina, and Beryllium Oxide to learn more about each material's physical properties and specifications.

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